Contemporary Visual Artist
Hazel Bignell


Born in Suffolk, I attended a Foundation course at Gt. Yarmouth where I was awarded the course prize and followed this with a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art at the Norwich School of Art.

I continue to build up a body of paintings that fulfils along standing vision. My work is continually evolving within the theme. I love the process and the challenge of seeking new ways to express my ideas.

Since childhood, I have spent summer holidays on the Suffolk coast, drawing inspiration for my work from this experience. I feel a tangible infinity with the location and it is the driving force behind my work

 I feel passionate about my art work.

I spend hours by the water’s and cliff edge.

I sketch, observe, walk, and take photos for reference and collect found

objects of interest which may be later used in art work.

My studio is an oasis where I can become totally absorbed in the creative

process to develop my ideas.

I use mixed media techniques.

I work on board or canvas in varying sizes and formats.

I use mainly water based paints as a ground.


My contemporary paintings are grouped into themed series.

The themed titles are based on the underlying observed subject matter.








Copyright Hazel Bignell.